Internet of Things

We get it! IoT growth is happening

The continued growth happening in the Internet of Things space for the coming years will create new opportunities and disprutions for many industrial sectors - from processing methods to logistics to productivity.

It shall play an important role in the enviromental challenge as a resource of critical information to help us in designing greener automation.

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The Core is Everything

Our solution is based on a modular system made up of sensors, actuators and edge computing for different applications. But at the core of each solution there is a common module that controls everyting.

Our core module is powerful enough to drive a web-server and a wifi access point at the same time, but it is cheap enough to make it competitve with the simplest of solutions

A Powerful Tiny
IoT Module

Our core module just measures 24x24x8mm and yet it packs two processors, Wifi, Bluetooth, 3 UARTS, 2 buttons, IR transmitter, I2C interface and 8 GPIO pins. It also integrates an Ultra low power co-processor so it can really save on battery power.

Huge Memory Capacity
to host any kind of solution

Our module has 8MB of flash ROM and 2MBits of PSRAM on board. With such a huge storgae available our module can be used in a wide range of applications - from tempreture sensores to hosting an entire web-server.

Operating Systems

Our module can run applications using either FreeRTOS the OS of choice or AWS or Zephyr by the Linux Foundation making it possible to run a bare bones Linux OS. Unless of course you can go completely native and just use no OS at all!


IoT devices can potentially have multiple security vulnerabilities. We have made sure that our deice is hardened at all levels. From the hardware itself to the application and trnasmission levels.


Our devices are built to withstand tough environmental conditions indoors and outdoors. Our enclosures are IP67 rated and we can power our devices from different types of sources to ensure both operational and environemntal safety.

of Sensing and Measuring Devices

Our core module is compatible with hundreds of sensing and measuring devices. We also support many industrial communication protocols such as MQTT, Modbus and Canbus. For gaming we support SAS 6.02(IGT) and G2S(GSA).


Connect and Manage Your IoT at Scale

Managing and scaling IoT solutions is not a straightforward excersice. Normally solution providers rely on the receiving end ('the Cloud') to provide managability and scalability. This works for small to medium scale solutions, but ultimately leads to prohibitive total cost of ownership (TCO), due to the amount of data that is transmited by the devices which has to be collected and processed by the central systems. The size of a system is not only determined by the number of devices but also by the nature of the data being sent, for example a typical low res video camera sends more data in a single video frame then a hundred temperature sensors send during a day.

Our solution does not rely on the central system because every single IoT device has the same processing power on the network. In this way the devices are able to perform considerable data processing and even storage thus reducing the strain on the network and the central computing.

So when you are searching for soluitions that need to scale up in the future

Recent Implementations


Online Registration Portal


Curacao is the world's largest jurisdiction for online gaming. The country is currently undergoing a reform in the gaming legislation. Random Systems has been entrusted with the roll-out of the legal framework for online gaming. Our first phase deliverable is the operators registration system.


Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform

Lagos, Nigeria

This is the second time that Random Systems is working with the Regulator to deliver highly regulated systems. We are implementing  a slot inventory identification system in the first phase of the project


Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform


Random Systems International, a subsidiary of Random systems won the bid to be the selected person for the implementation and operation of Unified Control System. 

App Development for Connected Devices

We provide you with API sprcifications for so that you can develop you own solutions based on our modules

We can also provide a tailored turnkey solution for any project, based on standard API software modules. In this way we can always keep you up to date with the latest software versions so that the value of your investment remains intact.